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1cvmask · 2021-11-20 · Original thread
These false flag diversity initiatives are there to entrench the privileged white elite who are threatened by the children of often 1st generation immigrants.

From the article:

UC admissions officers have said they were able to thoroughly evaluate the flood of applications without test scores, using 13 other factors in the system’s review process, such as a student’s high school grade-point average, the rigor of courses taken, special talents, essays and extracurricular activities.


Special talents and extracurricular activities are great filters for the privileged. Nothing like the academic promise of fencing and rowing. The Winkelvoss twins from Greenwich Connecticut attended Harvard through the white elite loophole of rowing.


This is why there is an allergy to making it based on class and being poor. I doubt any poor blacks or Hispanics will benefit from this.


Interesting book on this matter:

Reflections Of An Affirmative Action Baby Paperback – August 24, 1992

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