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sigsergv · 2012-11-21 · Original thread
I'd recommend this book

It's amazing, really. It's not just a recipies list, it explains a lot of very important REST cases, and also when to use or not to use REST.

jakejake · 2012-06-02 · Original thread
If you want an example app that is a RESTful API with JS front end, please excuse me pimping my own project: (the REST server is in PHP)

Here's a language-neutral book that goes into RESTful services:

rkalla · 2012-02-03 · Original thread
In this same vein, I am curious what you guys think of using semi-colon and comma characters in URLs when pointing at an endpoint that generates a response that would typically be provided by a query string, e.g.:;lang=en,size=32,weight=78
RESTful Web Services Cookbook[1] gave me the idea (a fantastic book) and what I like about it, is that interstitial proxy software seems to molest the URL less where as some refuse to pass through query string params for some reason (e.g. CloudFront).

Anyone see any glaring issues with this?


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