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> That's because of an increasing number of magic tricks the neoliberal governments

The BLS has been measuring the unemployment rate the same way since 1940.

> Yes. And still the US had less CO2 production, less plastic waste, and more sustainable lifestyle.

You're taking a by-product of 1970s car exhausts as if it's a permanent given.

The was more of almost every type of type of non C02 industrial pollutant. There was acid rain, and we were punching a hole in the ozone with refrigerants. Pesticides in use then were far more toxic to people and wildlife. Asbestos was everywhere, and lead was in everything.

We could certainly consume fewer disposable things, but the tradeoff is that being poor today affords people a far higher material standard of living than in 1960 by literally any metric.

> Yes. And still the US had less CO2 production

This is almost entirely solvable over the next few decades.

> 2022 really doesn't want to start an argument about extinguished species with the 1960s.

You could and you'd find that numerous large charismatic species on the verge of extinction by the mid 70s have recovered in much of the world. The US has become so rich that we're re-wilding and re-introducing displaced species. The rest of the world could follow.

> Far better, more progressive, and forward looking political upheaval than in the last 10 years...

We started a drug war and the expansion of the carceral state in the late 60s[1]. MLK, JFK, RFK, and Malcom X were all assassinated so I wouldn't call that progressive upheaval. And the progressive upheaval caused by the likes of The Weather Underground or the SLA is hardly impressive.

> Those are historical incidents

Everyone living under the constant threat of nuclear holocaust was kind of a wer blanket.

> The 60s was the era that got rid of the last of Jim Crow laws.

By the end, and replaced it with a drug war.

In the 60s crime was higher, material wealth was less plentiful, more people lived in poverty, life expectancy was shorter, and most people in society had few options. Localized environmental pollution was worse. Cars were far less safe, and mortality by all causes was higher.

> Not the experience of most who lived through them and herald them as a great age

Nostalgia does that to people, but basically all objective measures of life quality were worse.


ch4s3 · 2021-11-10 · Original thread
You can ignore the racial angle and still come away with the criticism that the culture among most police departments in American is VERY antagonistic towards the populations they serve. I could bang on about my personal experience but it's not super relevant here.

Just look at any major police scandal in the past decade. There's almost always an attempt at a cover up, and always a ton of officers that knew about it and did nothing. No matter what the crime or infraction is, police protect their own and circle up in the face of even the most benign criticism. There's a great book called I Got a Monster [1] that details Baltimore's infamous gun task force, and it's shocking how many people knew what they were up to for years. People who look the other way aren't good apples. For a bit of history, Radley Balko's Rise of the Warrior Cop [2] does a great job detailing the growth of us vs. them thinking among police nationally.

> It can be VERY hard to do the right thing, especially when it means it's the last thing you get to do (before you lose your job).

Police are almost NEVER fired. The number one goal of police unions is to prevent any firing for any reason ever, and they are very successful at that.



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