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dmcase8 · 2015-09-29 · Original thread
This article reminds me of a good book I read called Risk Savvy that cites a ton of examples (including breast cancer) of healthcare providers making poor decisions based on their misunderstanding of basic statistics and probability. It's a great read, and the author reviews a bunch of historical medical data that made me rethink how I get screened and how I would make decisions based on my test results. The book also covers a bunch of other topics to help you make better data-driven choices, although I did think it was a little repetitive.

The book with the theory mentioned in the article: 'Risk Savvy' How to Make Good Decisions: "In the age of Big Data we often believe that our predictions about the future are better than ever before. But as risk expert Gerd Gigerenzer shows, the surprising truth is that in the real world, we often get better results by using simple rules and considering less information."

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