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WhitneyLand · 2018-07-30 · Original thread
Related: If you’re trying to decide between two projects you want to start is there any methodical but simple way to determine which might be more useful or gain more traction?

I don’t mean methodical as in heavy or complex. Example, there’s a short book on designing good usability into a UX with some really simple and quick methods (

Isn’t choosing which open source project to invest in a bit like market research, as is UI/UX design? Maybe that’s stethching an analogy.

The point is I always have strong intuitions and opinions about what project to invest time in, independent of interest/passion. However, it seems even one or two more methodical decisions processes could be provide useful data points to factor in.

If you feel roughly as passionate about two projects, why not try to maximize your chances all the work will go somewhere?

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