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raesene9 · 2017-08-12 · Original thread
hmm this content seems pretty dated. If they're looking at internal network enumeration, then it's missing most of the modern tools, if it's looking at external enumeration then it's not great as most of the ports they refer to are unlikely to be exposed externally...

If you want more up to date material in this kind of field, something like the Red Team Field Manual ( or "Advanced penetration testing" could be worth looking at.

godmodus · 2017-05-28 · Original thread
yeah, it's a reference, if anything. not a practical "read" per se, but hey A+ for effort.

i get by using 4-5 commands and neovim, it's plenty for my sysadmin needs.

if you want a short 30page read that has most things, there's the red team field manual! i recommend having a copy

amazon link > Rtfm: Red Team Field Manual:

it's a no frills collection of commands grouped under topic/use case. command description is left to the user to lookup using the manpages.

unclesaamm · 2016-06-25 · Original thread
Does anyone actually refer to a "cheatsheet" when they are hacking? Or do they just use Google? It makes me laugh to think someone has some of this stuff printed by their desk for an emergency. For example, "gcc -o exploit exploit.c".

Also, this looks like a ripoff of

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