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kennyfrc · 2023-01-17 · Original thread
There’s quite a few:

- Zed Shaw’s Learn More Python the Hard Way[1]

- Brian Hogan’s Exercises for Programmers (best for beginners or for learning a new language)[2]

- Hal Fulton’s The Ruby Way[3]

- Chris Ferdinandi’s Vanilla JS Academy[4]

- Marc-Andre Cournoyer’s Great Code Club (it’s old, and the community doesn’t exist anymore, but i think he still maintains it)[5]

- A few python books from No Starch Press (notably those authored by Al Sweigart)

I learned the most as a beginner from Zed Shaw’s work, and from reading open source code.

Once you’re done with the initial “learn from tutorials” phase, there’s no better resource than reading open source code.






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