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sayemm · 2014-07-25 · Original thread
Sam Walton's biography is one of the best business books I've ever read:

What's really instructive about his story is that he started his first retail store when he was in his mid-late 20s, sold that and earned his first stripes in his early 30s. And it wouldn't be a decade later until he started Walmart in his early 40s.

Walmart was a culmination of several decades of Walton's life that he dedicated to mastering, and dominating, retail.

Everything you need to know about Jeff's strategy is in this book:

Different medium and market, but basically the same overall strategy.

MikeCapone · 2013-08-29 · Original thread
A lot of what I knew about Walmart came from third party sources (activists, whatever), so I decided to go to a primary and read Sam Walton's book, and I must say it gave me a new appreciation and understanding for the vast machine that is Walmart. I highly recommend it:

chollida1 · 2013-06-10 · Original thread
And the link without the affiliate portion:

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