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1_over_n · 2018-09-26 · Original thread
Depends whether you consider this to be evolutionary advantageous to us or the virus/bacteria...similar example from toxoplasmosis

Geoffrey West touches upon some of this stuff in scale - its worth a read

Oversimplification is that some of the viruses / genetic defects that kill us later let us live long enough to reproduce first and pass those traits/infections along.

reubenswartz · 2018-07-26 · Original thread
You may appreciate the book Scale[1], by Geoffrey West. I don't know if I completely buy all aspects of the book, but he looks at organisms, cities, and companies and suggests that there are certain fundamental scaling properties of these collections. IMHO, there are some fascinating ideas here, although the book seems more like a collection of papers with a bit of editing.


jger15 · 2017-08-13 · Original thread
Geoffrey West's book Scale gets into this -- good read.

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