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fab1an · 2012-08-30 · Original thread
They're simply using the standard "Feel, Felt, Found" formula , which I believe was pioneered by Roger Dawson in "Secrets of Power Negotiating" -
mmaunder · 2011-11-20 · Original thread
Just read this:

Altucher is describing "The higher authority gambit" and "Nibbling". There are many more great negotiating tactics. Even if you don't use the techniques in Dawson's book, they will help immunize you against them.

Ever notice how salespeople are very quick to try to determine if they're talking to the "decision maker"? It's to avoid the higher authority gambit.

To avoid getting nibbled, define all the parameters when you're at the stage where Altucher was agreeing to the revenue multiple formula. Don't agree to the "formula" until you have the other parameters. Once you've settled on a price, call the other guy's bluff if he tries to nibble you once you appear to have a deal already done.

Revisor · 2011-04-11 · Original thread
Negotiating can be learned and trained, it's nothing innate and static.

This book helped me learn something about it; despite its name.

lionhearted · 2011-02-13 · Original thread
My favorite is "Crucial Conversations" -

Then I've read like 10 more and they all kind of blend together... I'd recommend getting at least 4-5 that are rated highly on Amazon, just to give you some different perspectives.

For instance, there's a long running debate on whether it's better to make the first offer or not when negotiating. The "offer first" crowd says you get to set the general scope of negotiation. The "let them offer first" crowd says that their first offer becomes the absolute worst you could get, and you might do better... and they might well offer more than you were going to ask for.

You want to read at least a few different books, because one might take a dogmatic hardline stance "never offer first!" - which is clearly wrong some of the time. Good to hear different perspectives.

If I remember correctly, Roger Dawson's "Power Negotiation" was also good.

After that, they all kind of blur together in my memory... but really, it's a topic with massive ROI for anyone that touches money ever. You're not going to go wrong dropping 15 bucks and 5 hours fast-reading a book on negotiation. One good insight once pays for that many times over.

mmaunder · 2010-06-20 · Original thread
Please don't do that. Get them to throw out a salary first and flinch at their first offer. Then ask for more. Don't you dare discuss salary with developers in the company that is interviewing you.

You're going to need to learn to negotiate. This is the only book you'll ever need on negotiating. Even if you don't use a single one of these tactics (and I guarantee you will) you'll at least get an education of how much of an art negotiating is.

Whether you're hiring, selling a company, getting hired or raising money - this is required reading for doing business.

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