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bcbrown · 2018-01-24 · Original thread
You might find this book interesting: It's a great view into the differing perspectives of executives, middle managers, and ICs.
franze · 2014-06-24 · Original thread
1st "Thinking in Systems"

2nd Article "Leverage Points"

after these two you will have enough know-how on how to identify and manage systems (i.e.: your growing company)

then the only thing between you and success is reality, for how to influence the company reality you live in please read

3rd "Seeing Systems"

good luck and have fun (with the books, with your new responsibilities)

franze · 2013-09-01 · Original thread
my 2cents

either a) you do not care anymore about the success company and only care about job security

b) you do care about the success of your company

if a) is the case, quite now! you are part of the problem. you are blaming them but are at the same time not willing to take the consequences of doing the right thing.


b) speak up, all the time, to anyone, not just with your peers, but also to anyone else. call this "to change the dance" you are changing how you behave, to other have to react. they will be pissed, they will blame you. they might fire you (good for you, then) or they will change their dance.

there is no alternative, everything else will just go downhill.

recommended reading:

buy it, read it, understand what is currently happening and what your role in it is.

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