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MarkMc · 2017-09-02 · Original thread
Poor Charlie's Almanack is a fine book, but as it's just a collection of speeches and short stories the content is somewhat unstructured. I prefer "Seeking Wisdom from Darwin To Munger" by Peter Bevelin:
If you enjoy these sort of summaries, I encourage you to check out the book "Seeking Wisdom" by Peter Bevelin
kqr2 · 2014-06-15 · Original thread
For those interested in a good book about human biases and thinking, check out Seeking Wisdom From Darwin to Munger.

cphang · 2013-03-18 · Original thread
If you are interested to change yours, I recommend the Book [Seeking Wisdom: From Darwin to Munger](
pmf · 2011-09-24 · Original thread
As a businessman I really don't identify with this world of entrepreneur snobs who don't read shit and critiquize everything they see. The funnny thing is that you say that you don't like overnight succes but you write for TechCrunch.

By the way, if you dont like checklist I have something for you

Sorry for my bad english.

sivers · 2010-05-09 · Original thread
Charlie Munger is one of my few heroes. A great all-around thinker, about more than just investing. I highly recommend a dive into his mind via these two books:

Seeking Wisdom: From Darwin to Munger = = a deep read, mostly focused on cognitive biases

Poor Charlie's Almanack = = a big coffee table book of his speeches and essays, good for leaving on the kitchen table to read over a meal

I think if you order the books directly from Charlie Munger's company, the proceeds go to charity:

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