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JSeymourATL · 2016-01-14 · Original thread
> I constantly keep asking for feedback from my Reporting managers and my team and keep on improving...

Is the feedback facilitated anonymously 360 degree style? What do you do with the feedback you receive? Do you discount or dismiss your reports input?

You're clearly smart and successful. But if you devalue the contribution of your team, they will return the favor.

Suggest you go on an aggressive reading program for self-development. Greenleaf's book on Servant Leadearship is an excellent place to start >

chiph · 2014-06-24 · Original thread
Take a look at the concept of servant leadership. I've worked at one business that used it, and it was phenomenal. The crux of it is that bosses are only as successful as the people doing the actual work, so the boss should focus on what is needed for them to be successful.

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