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nanospeck · 2017-03-10 · Original thread
Recently, I found some things that works for me and put it out as a book. Interestingly, I finished the book also using the same techniques. A key trick to keep you motivated is to reward yourself handsomely and IMMEDIATELY if you achieve the goal on the PLANNED DATE. For eg. I rewarded myself an iPhone 7 plus ( which is currently the hottest phone in the market) for finishing the book in 30 days. This helps you overcome the fear of loss that, what if no one buys your product and your effort goes in vain. However I still find marketing is harder! (My book here: )
nanospeck · 2017-01-27 · Original thread
My strategy is to push out the first working version in that first 2-3 days and get feedback. I have recently, compiled and published my experience and thoughts on this exact topic as a book :

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