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jseliger · 2010-07-14 · Original thread
The more obvious question might be, "What can I do that combines physical activity with what I do now?"

I had a professor in college who decided he was going to work construction during the summer. He's obviously in a different situation than you, but I still liked the idea.

A few thoughts:

1) Read "Shop Class as Soulcraft:" . I have no idea if it will help.

2) Have you thought about an IT job that requires, say, moving around computers (as colleges must require somewhat regularly), or maintaining systems on ships, or something like that? I have no idea if any of that would work.

3) Could you combine two part-time jobs? An IT job that pays bills, perhaps, with a job doing something else?

vdm · 2009-05-23 · Original thread
Finds like this keep me coming to HN. Thank you. I found an amazon link for the book it is extracted from:

I also recommend de Botton's The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work to those who enjoyed it. I read it in a single sitting.

And blessedly, I didn't have to negotiate any subscribe forms at

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