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greenyoda · 2019-04-14 · Original thread
Show Stopper is a wonderful book if you're interested in the historical development of large systems. It's second only to The Soul of a New Machine. I highly recommend it.

lasereyes136 · 2019-04-04 · Original thread
Read Showstopper it is about the making of Windows NT. It talks about the people that moved for Microsoft from DEC.

filereaper · 2016-06-09 · Original thread
Since we're going into the history of Windows NT, VMS and Dave Cutler. I'd like to highlight this classic book on the history of all three of the above[1]

It follows the same line of narrative as The Soul of a New Machine


csixty4 · 2016-03-11 · Original thread
> The two really are 1:1. Windows under the hood is VERY UNIX like. More so than most people realise.

I find this really amusing. I've been reading "Showstopper!: The Breakneck Race to Create Windows NT and the Next Generation at Microsoft"[1] and Dave Cutler is described as VERY anti-Unix. He considered it an inelegant system developed by a bunch of PhDs doing their own thing their own way.

He'd probably hate your comparison.


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