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steveeq1 · 2014-10-09 · Original thread
This is called the "Take the First" heuristic. If you want to learn more about "fast and frugal" heuristics (which work surprisingly well in a lot of cases), read "Simple Heuristics that Make Us Smart". It explains how to get programs to give good answers when time and processing power are limited (similar to your case).

lpolovets · 2011-11-25 · Original thread
Category 1:

- Simple Heuristics That Make Use Smart by Gigerenzer, et al. ( I have heard good things about this book but have not read it yet.

Category 2:

- Think Twice by Mauboussin (

- Influence by Cialdini (

Category 3:

- You already mentioned Michalko, but his other book, Thinkertoys, is also very good (

Category 5:

- Switch by the Heath brothers is excellent (

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