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gowld · 2018-10-02 · Original thread
How is that possible? From the Amazon blurb, it seems that the book talks about what would be destroyed by weather change, but nothing about what would be created. If temperature increases, some current cold areas would be more habitable. If sea levels rise, some inland area would become coastal. These changes would happen over generations, so populations would move. There would be tumult in human and animal life, which is bad but not a novel part of human experience (we've always had hurricanes, tsumanis, earthquakes, and plenty of manmade disasters), but a new equilibrium would be reached. There was once an Ice Age that supported human life! I don't think the overall human environment 6 degrees in the future would be worse than say 200 years ago.

Also, it's been 16 years since the book was published. Have temperatures risen? Have the predictions come to pass?

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