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jameskilton · 2017-04-09 · Original thread
I haven't read many books on or using Smalltalk, but I can definitely recommend Kent Beck's "Smalltalk Best Practice Patterns"

Cool. Looks a lot like an excerpt of Smalltalk Best Practices[1] and a bit of Refactoring[2] book together.



hboon · 2009-10-08 · Original thread
No idea about his programming skills, but I have read Kent Beck's Smalltalk Best Practice Patterns and it is pretty useful and it was often recommended to both Smalltalkers and non-Smalltalkers.

[1] (it's not a gang-of-four-type patterns book, more like a style guide.)

hboon · 2009-02-04 · Original thread
And that book is Smalltalk Best Practice Patterns ( Not anything like the design patterns book in case anyone wonders, and it's a good read even if you don't do Smalltalk.

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