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JacobDotVI · 2018-07-16 · Original thread
The book Softwars spends a lot of time on this topic, where Larry Ellison blasted all of his integration partners for over-customizing their solutions when the correct approach was to update the business processes to match the software:

kirk211 · 2017-07-26 · Original thread
* Angel by Jason Calacanis about angel investing. (

* Tools of Titans by Tim Ferris (

* Softwar about Larry Ellison (

* Wild ride about Uber (

* Social Intelligence: the new science of human relationships (

* Rereading - Letters to shareholders by Warren Buffett (

mindcrime · 2014-09-18 · Original thread
Not really sure what to say about this. I don't know Ellison, nor do I own Oracle stock, or have any particular interest in Oracle per-se. But nonetheless, I've always seen Ellison as an important character in our industry, and after reading a biography about him, I felt a sort of kinship with him based on some shared interests.

At any rate, it definitely feels like the "end of an era" in a sense. I got my start in this industry in the mid to late 90's when Oracle, IBM, Novell, Microsoft, Borland, etc. were duking it out for supremacy, and - for better or worse - you've never really been able to escape Oracle's shadow to some extent. And Ellison was Oracle, in so many ways.

Edit: It's been a while, but I think this[1] was the biography I read. I'll just say this: regardless of what you think of Ellison, he's an interesting character and reading about the history of Ellison / Oracle is quite fascinating.


pc · 2013-10-04 · Original thread
Yeah, I was being hyperbolic to try to make the point -- you can dismiss anything as merely a frigging X. You're absolutely right with regard to Oracle.

(Tangent: for anyone interested in Oracle's history/business, or just enterprise software in general, I highly recommend

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