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pajko · 2022-01-15 · Original thread
Usually there's little documentation about SDR, but Analog Devices has "recently" released a book, which is available for free:

Also can be bought, but has a quite hefty price tag:

Other good resources are the books and courses on WirelessPi:

app4soft · 2018-06-27 · Original thread
> The sdrforengineers site is just a template, and it doesn't contain or link to anything useful.

To be clear, sdrforengineers[0] site contain few useful links:

- link to printed version of this book on Amazon;[1]

- link to video course "ECE4305 Software Defined Radio Systems and Analysis " as playlist on YouTube;[2]

- link to their page on GitHub, where repo with LectureMaterials for this book hosted.[3]





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