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jt2190 · 2019-10-08 · Original thread
Certainly a book on this topic should be far more interesting than this article makes it look, so rather than dismiss the book out of hand I took a look around.

After looking briefly at the companion site for the book [0] (not much there), then the publisher's page on the book [1] (ditto) I took a look at the table of contents on Amazon [2]. Definitely there are some very interesting items there that I wish they'd used for this article, like:

* Experts sketch: [They] externalize their thoughts

* Experts work with uncertainty: [They] keep options open

* Experts test: [They] are alert to evidence that challenges their theory

Unfortunately, there are no samples of those chapters. Looks like it could be an interesting read, though.



[2] Click "Look Inside"

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