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kbenson · 2018-09-07 · Original thread
Here[1] it is on Amazon, which is cheaper, and seems to have used copies for ~$18, but I can't find anything for $5. Maybe it was a typo?


awinder · 2018-06-29 · Original thread
I just got through which pitches a common structure (Given-When-Then) for describing behaviors and getting them out of your ticketing systems, which are not designed for knowledge explanation long-term, but are more for describing active work in short term.

BDD is almost a poisoned term at this point because it’s become associated with tooling and opinionated holistic processes. But if you think of Specification by Example as readmes with a Given-When-Then structuring, then you have a strategy (document before writing) combined with a language definition to assure your strategy is executed at the right level of detail. Which solves the entangled problem of what do I do first (document) with what level of detail (enough to describe all the input behaviors to whatever I’m working on)

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