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r00fus · 2017-01-20 · Original thread
A great book that explores this topic (and is pretty funny) is "We are Legion, We are Bob" [1].

Well that and Spin [2], which probably addresses your point - maybe they're out there and they're already messing with us?

Ultimately, whenever I think about Fermi's Paradox, I am reminded of xkcd [3]. Maybe we just can't tell they're right in front of us.

[1] [2] [3]

27182818284 · 2015-10-01 · Original thread
If you would like to read a highly entertaining science-fiction novel about the stars going out, I couldn't recommend enough.
mpdehaan2 · 2014-10-12 · Original thread
Forgot one that was pretty good:

Robert Charles Wilson's Spin -

veidr · 2011-12-28 · Original thread
My choice is Spin, a novel by Robert Charles Wilson (2005).

This is IMO the very best kind of sci-fi: a plausible, scientifically grounded story about interesting people experiencing some fascinating shit.

Wilson is a great writer, too; I hadn't heard of him previously, but have since read a bunch of his works.

(As an aside, there has never been a year in my life where the best book of the year for me was a nonfiction title. Am I weird?)

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