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JPLeRouzic · 2021-01-15 · Original thread
I have developed a blog about ALS disease (Lou Gehrig disease). [0]

I wrote also a book about the state of ALS research (updated on February 1) [1]

I would be interested in exploring the idea of using Cell Penetrating Peptides (or PROTAC) to either relocate or remove entirely TDP-43 aggregates. It could be studied at low cost on Ciona (an aquarium animal that looks like a plant). If someone is interested my email address is in my profile. Ciona intestinalis has motor neurons and can even regenerate its entire nervous system in only one month!



JPLeRouzic · 2020-04-26 · Original thread
I know that some universities can admit a PhD student if they have wrote a book.

I self-published a book on ALS (the disease) research [0]. I wonder if this would be enough to be accepted as a PhD student.


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