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packetslave · 2014-03-10 · Original thread
Hmm, a PDF hosted on a random personal web site at a University in Brazil. Seems legit.

Can we please not post links to stolen (presumably-)copyrighted materials here?

If you'd like to compensate the author, consider buying the collection it's published in:

I highly recommend Ted Chiang. I really enjoyed "Story of your Life" available in this short story collection of the same name:

Some of the stuff is a but uneven but he's written some of the most thought-provoking sci-fi I've read in some time.

majormajor · 2013-10-05 · Original thread
That story is in Stories of Your Life and Others; I'd recommend the whole collection:
betageek · 2011-09-09 · Original thread
Someone who never appears on these list but is one of the rising stars in Scif-Fi isis Ted Chiang. He's not written a full length novel yet but his short stories and novellas are mind blowing, best stuff I're read since early Egan. Check out:

Stories of Your Life and Others

The Lifecycle of Software Objects*

*if there's a more HN title for a novella ever I haven't heard of it!

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