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Except in America, people do shop around for religions. Something like half of people convert from one religion to another in their lifetime here [0]. It's also not uncommon for conservative politicians to adopt a more evangelical form of Christianity as a gesture to constituents. Someone as obviously atheistic as Trump even put on a meager show of doing this during the campaign.

And please don't conflate the basic humanity of LGBTQ people with the ideologies of people who consistently try to rob it from them. I grew up in a conservative Christian part of the Midwest and was routinely beaten and threatened by your run of the mill Christians for "seeming gay." What they did to actual gay people was even worse.

Of course people use religion to justify their prejudices - there's almost no reading of human history that would suggest otherwise. You can toss around some No True Scottsman nonsense about how that doesn't reflect the true values of Christianity, but until mainstream American Christianity walks away from all its hypocrisy and monstrosity, it's a distinction without a difference.


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