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soneca · 2018-03-05 · Original thread
I am reading "Style: Lessons in Clarity and Grace", have you read this?

EDIT: link to the book:

itamarst · 2018-01-12 · Original thread
I've learned a lot from:

* Reading lots of books on writing. Probably this (, definitely this ( Got both from local library.

* Reading lots of other books I got from library (on writing and marketing).

* Practice, coupled with observing results on google analytics.

* for basic design.

* Free content on (there's a lot, although it's mostly lead-in to paid content).

The last one in particular motivated me to write based on research, which resulted in massively improved results.

big_spammer · 2017-05-27 · Original thread
"Style: Lessons in Clarity and Grace" is better than "The Elements of Style".

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