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lpolovets · 2012-12-25 · Original thread
I really liked Succeed by Halvorson, as well as Willpower by Baumeister and Tierney. The former covers research on setting goals, the latter covers research on being more disciplined. Both book are a great blend of interesting studies and practical advice.

Amazon links: and

Thorough book notes: and

SatvikBeri · 2012-03-27 · Original thread
The book Succeed covers the topic of what kinds of optimism and pessimism help you achieve your goals pretty thoroughly ( Two big takeaways:

1. Be optimistic when setting high level, year-long goals. But be pessimistic when drawing out all the implementation details of what you'll actually have to do to achieve those goals.

2. Be pessimistic about the difficulty of anything you want to achieve, but optimistic about your ability to conquer those difficulties.

kiba · 2011-10-15 · Original thread
The only book I am studying right now is:

It have citations and is written by a psychologist. However, I did not have a lot of time to compare notes between books written by other psychologists in the field.

The thing is, being a specialist means you don't spend much time scrutinizing what is wrong and not wrong in their studies or books in other fields. You sometime have to trust scientists for being scientific.

kiba · 2011-09-18 · Original thread
You may benefit from reading a pyschology book on willpower and how to reach goals.

My recommendation is this book:

It cited real world scientific research and gave practical advice on how to set goal and to succeed at one's goal.

Disclaimer: I am only aware of such knowledge, not actually putting into practice said knowledge. Currently, my only implementation of scientific self improvement is spaced repetition, which simply exploit the fact that we retain more information learned over a long period of time.

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