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CamperBob2 · 2024-03-14 · Original thread
It's not specifically a text on software design, but Sunburst and Luminary by Don Eyles is an enjoyable read ( ). He manages to capture the Apollo-era zeitgeist in more ways than one. Not just another tale from the trenches.
DylanSp · 2023-11-13 · Original thread
Sunburst and Luminary [1] mentioned using the native LGC assembly for some performance-sensitive parts of the flight; do you know how common that was/how much of the code was written that way?


sizzzzlerz · 2018-09-25 · Original thread
Eyles has written a book Sunburst and Luminary: An Apollo Memoir,, published earlier this year which recounts his role in designing and building much of the software in the Apollo guidance computer. It recounts much of this history and is a worthwhile read for space and Apollo junkies.

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