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nate · 2019-10-23 · Original thread
A lot of folks are look forward to what's coming in tech, which is fine and good and can lead to promising careers and innovation. But I'm even more impressed with folks like Nintendo who do the exact opposite. They look at all the junk we've already passed up to see what can be done with it. So many times along their path they came up with products using what the Sony's would have considered obsolete junk. This is a great book about that history:

I mention it because I think there's a lot of value looking at the "no longer promising" areas and see what can still be done with those tools and pieces in innovative ways. And so few are actually doing that.

rschmitty · 2013-09-04 · Original thread
"Nintendo isn’t just failing because their hardware is sub-par. They’re failing because they continue to try to re-tool the Model T while the competition is building Ferraris."

This has been Nintendo since practically forever, they have always been railed on for their sub-par hardware milking it for as long as possible. Wii U might not be selling hotcakes but I don't think this is Nintendo's death. Their IP will keep the company going.

For anyone interested in the story of Nintendo (or just enjoys gaming history in general) this is a fun read: (or listen for commute/jogging)

rschmitty · 2013-07-08 · Original thread
Really good book for those wanting more on Nintendo history:

I just finished the audio version during workouts, while it was not _thrilling_ it was definitely interesting

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