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justinator · 2015-04-27 · Original thread
Would the F-35 be a good example of The Swamp of Commitment? [0]

* [0]

tokenadult · 2011-05-21 · Original thread
"The probability that a certain person be stupid is independent of any other characteristic of that person."

This is assuredly true, on the basis of replicated research, with regard to IQ. There is essentially no correlation between IQ and rationality.

High-IQ people can be every bit as irrational ("stupid" in the language of the submitted article) as low-IQ people, and worse still, not notice that they are being stupid. There are whole books on the subject.

All we can do about that here on HN is take other people's comments seriously and try to see ourselves as others see us as we ponder our decisions.

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