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wallflower · 2023-03-16 · Original thread
“Team Topologies”

“Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard”

wins32767 · 2020-07-07 · Original thread
I've found that Switch[1] is really helpful for technical leaders. A large part of the job of a leader is successfully implementing change and too many leaders with a technical background lean too much on logic and reasoning to try to make changes happen. Switch offers a playbook for successfully implementing change and when I've followed it closely I've been much more successful than when I wing it.


auslegung · 2018-10-06 · Original thread
Passing your vision and dream to everyone is your most powerful move. Imagine for a moment what that would be like, what that would accomplish. This book is an amazing read for people in your position,
It does depend on your audience, but I've gotten good mileage out of these questions, so personally vouch for them. I got them from the book "Switch"[0], which has better phrasing than I jotted down in my comment. I highly recommend the book.


SatvikBeri · 2013-02-12 · Original thread
You're certainly right in that there are logical flaws in the article. But the stoner effect is useful (and dangerous) because it's much better at creating changes in beliefs/behavior than rational argument. It's a pattern worth understanding because you can use your understanding to defend yourself, or use parts of the effect to communicate your ideas and convince others.

The book Switch[1] goes into more detail about what actually works when you're trying to get people to change. I highly recommend it if you're interested in Psychology or Marketing.


lpolovets · 2011-11-25 · Original thread
Category 1:

- Simple Heuristics That Make Use Smart by Gigerenzer, et al. ( I have heard good things about this book but have not read it yet.

Category 2:

- Think Twice by Mauboussin (

- Influence by Cialdini (

Category 3:

- You already mentioned Michalko, but his other book, Thinkertoys, is also very good (

Category 5:

- Switch by the Heath brothers is excellent (

makeramen · 2010-11-04 · Original thread
Switch: How to Change When Change is Hard -- Chip and Dan Heath (

Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us -- Dan Pink (

Linchpin: Are You Indispensable? -- Seth Godin (

The Laws of Simplicity -- John Maeda (

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance -- Robert M. Persig (

Invisible Man -- Ralph Ellison (

How to Win Friends and Influence People -- Dale Carnegie (

The Kindle app has really got me buying a lot of books that I now need to finish...

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