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hga · 2014-07-03 · Original thread
Jiri Soukup ( I've sworn off using C++ in the future, but keep this one book using it handy, it's got a lot of generally useful advice, much from hard lessons learned in VLSI CAD and other early industrial uses of C++) is fond of these, and I've found them very useful in times past. Particularly elegant in that they eliminate special case code for the beginning and ending of the list.
hga · 2010-07-25 · Original thread
Heh, but it's not entirely made up. Mentor Graphics really did epically fail when they tried that rewrite and it was a major event in C++ history, seeing as how they had (informal?) support from Bell Labs etc. etc.

This very useful book covers it a bit in the intro:

The number one lesson learned from that experience according to the author and my memory was "Make your class hierarchies directed acyclic graphs" ... which of course wasn't a C++ issue at all. As the first widely adopted OO language C++ gets a lot of mostly undeserved flack for being the medium in which a lot of us learned the OO paradigm.

A bit like how all those companies that oversold expert systems in the '80s blamed Lisp for their problems, causing both AI and Lisp winters.

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