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Oh, yes, this class of cartridge can be deadly, it's a question of statistically how reliable is its "stopping power"; killing is a secondary consideration after stopping someone from trying to kill you!

I'm impressed that there's lots of > 300m training, 400m effective range is achievable with this class of rounds, but the bullet drop after 300m is serious. But you wouldn't want an enemy to get complacent if they were > 300m from your people.

Not sure about your ideal; the heavy forces have a deterrent effect, they ensure reducing them in an all out war would be expensive. As I recall, the German General Staff figured taking Switzerland during WWII would break 85 divisions, a cost they simply couldn't afford. Which came at a cost to the Swiss, you mobilized your army, shut down your stock market, etc., the defensive "threat" was credible, deterrence was achieved. (I haven't read it yet, but this is supposed to be the current best book in English on the topic, written by a very solid and trustworthy author: ).

It's also worth noting the accepted costs of the Swiss strategic system, then, during the Cold War, and presumably during a future attack by a major nation (which, as it became more likely, you might presume would include Switzerland bulking up its heavy forces in response).

Very bloody minded: give the indefensible lowland big cities to the enemy (where per the book I linked to previously, the citizens practice "Total Resistance" using among other things those decommissioned from military service older rifles), and retreat to the mountainous country and make the enemy pay for every foot they gain, with little more than bullets and rifle grenades if need be. Per the apocryphal quote from the Imperial Japanese Navy admiral who planned the Pearl Harbor attack, "a rifle behind every blade of grass".

Also, after the Vidkun Quisling debacle, a general order that henceforth no surrender order would be legitimate, and to fight to the last man and foot of ground. (Well, meter of ground of course.) Credible deterrence, which I submit to you, your current heavy stuff aids. Certainly aids in deterring any less than all out attempt to "punish" Switzerland for whatever. Right now the latter is "unthinkable" in part because you've got those heavy forces.

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