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tjpnz · 2022-01-03 · Original thread
Big Tobacco never took responsibility; why would Big Tech? Partaking in these apps is a personal choice, if you want to be a BUMMER[0] addict that's on you. At the same time the state should have a responsibility to warn people of the dangers, in the same way that they did for Tobacco. There's already enough public health data and studies on the human brain showing just how harmful these apps are.

[0] Behaviour of Users Modified and Made into an Empire for Rent (

ImaCake · 2020-10-12 · Original thread
Although one shouldn't need to read a book on quitting social media. They can be cathartic if written well. I am fan of this one [0]. A favourite quote of mine from it:

>Cats have done the seemingly impossible: They’ve integrated themselves into the modern high-tech world without giving themselves up. They are still in charge. There is no worry that some stealthy meme crafted by algorithms and paid for by a creepy, hidden oligarch has taken over your cat. No one has taken over your cat; not you, not anyone.

Your writing here is now in the quote collection along with a number of other HN comments over the years. Thanks for sharing your thoughts :)


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