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lunix · 2013-07-25 · Original thread
He also promotes this book:

If you look at the reviews you'll get a better understanding.

claudiusd · 2012-05-27 · Original thread
I suggest checking out the 4-Hour Body by Timothy Ferriss:

The book describes efficient, sustainable ways achieve changes in your body, the premise being to make changes with the smallest amount of work possible. I put on 10 lbs of muscle in 2 months following its weight gain advice. My girlfriend tried the slow-carb diet and saw no effect, but I have heard that working for a few people. It's an interesting read nonetheless and will change your perspective on diet and exercise.

omeega · 2011-01-07 · Original thread
I find that aggregate amazon reviews are fairly accurate. Im surprised by the high reviews.
steveklabnik · 2010-12-12 · Original thread
I haven't read it yet, but it seems more 'body hacking' than 'fitness,' exactly:

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