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junto · 2015-03-25 · Original thread
What you are describing are habits. Most people require habitual processes. Your friend needed to have new habits to survive in a world where you need to tidy up around you, go to work every days and pay the household bills.

It is hard to switch into new habits, which is often the core challenge for people stuck in a rut with alcohol and drug abuse.

People forget that habits are easy to change, but it takes persistence and determination. When you speak to people who are reformed alcoholics, drug free or have quit smoking for good after a few years they often cannot fathom why they couldn't have quit sooner. At the time the challenge seems impossible.

I personally find habitual rituals fascinating. As someone who has twice been stuck in unhealthy habits, I now realise the power of habits, when turned around for good practices.

One book that helped me was "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People". I recommend it:

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