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It's amazing how illogical people are when thinking about food/nutrition. Here are some sources:

First, read The China Study:

The incredibly thorough, epidemiological study conducted shows that consumption of animal protein (meat, fish, dairy) correlates hugely with 0besity and diseases of affluence. Further, more micro studies confirm that animal protein is the cause of cancer actually developing after exposure to a carcinogen.

Then walk into a vegetarian restaurant and look around. People are pale, chunky, weak-looking, and generally the opposite of health. You'll find the same at most health food co-ops.

Then look at a "health food" cook book and see the huge amounts of oils, nuts, etc. that are used in the recipes. You'll notice that most of the food has around 50% of calories from fat. Compare this to the stats from a McDonalds menu.

Now go into a vegetarian Indian restaurant -- most of the people who work there and eat there will be chunky.

For more information on some of the downside of the typical "healthy" diet in modern America, check out the book "The 80 10 10 diet" which really hits hard on the fat content of so-called health food. Doug Graham advocates eating mostly fresh fruits and vegetables. The China Study (above) suggests that Graham is a bit more extreme than necessary and that carbs are OK too, but the less refined the better:

Bottom line: Food producing companies know that food products are significantly easier to sell if they are labled "health foods". So lots of foods are labeled that way. The whole "healthy oils" movement is a farce (explained in both books I cite). No, slathering your food in olive oil does not make it more nutritious!

Consider the undisputed fact that big agriculture is heavily corn-driven. Corn sweetens your cola and cereal, feeds your beef and chicken, etc. But did you know that corn and soy are a standard crop rotation? Of course we are told that soy protein is good for you (in fact, the compound soy protein isolate found in many health foods promotes cancer cell growth the same way that meat does).

I am shocked that my comment above got modded down. I encourage anyone who is curious and open minded to take a look at the references and observable evidence cited above.

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