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unoti · 2016-10-30 · Original thread
There is a thing that engineers do in all disciplines, not just game programming, where they wallow in how complex and difficult everything is. Yes, it's complex and difficult, but you need to look for ways to simplify and succeed.

The author should remember his insightful caption under Phil Collins' picture:

> Step One is a positive attitude. You have to believe you can escape!

I'm not denying that making games is complex. The things I've written for games are indeed complex and challenging. But once you start writing essays about how difficult and impossible everything is, you're not headed to a happy place.

Boiling things down to their essence, and eliminating the fancy alien hats in the articles example is crucial. Developing a mastery for how to succeed takes time and experience, but it can happen.

If you're interested in game design, here is something that will inspire you and fill you with ideas of how you can succeed. The book below took me forever to read the first time. That's because every few pages I couldn't resist putting it down and working on my designs because I was so overwhelmed with inspiration from its amazing wisdom. The book is the Art of Game Design, and it's one of my most prized books.

Another vitally important book about chasing your dream without getting bogged down in complexity and unhappy places is The Alchemist. It's a short parable, full of life changing wisdom, a little like The Old Man and the Sea.

The alchemist is available on audible too, but you'll want it in text as well.

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