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sn9 · 2022-06-20 · Original thread
Have you taken an algorithms course?

Working through Skiena's Algorithm Design Manual [0] would be a good start and/or watching his lecture series on Youtube [1].

Other great books include Elements of Programming Interviews [2] which comes in Java, C++, and Python flavors.

It can help to focus on a smaller subset of Leetcode problems to learn the tricks that underlie most of them. Neetcode [3] is a good collection of those problems on which you could focus your time and efforts.

I don't think it's realistic to expect to do well on Leetcode without practicing the above skills to some degree, so I wouldn't be hard on yourself if it's been years since you even looked at the material.





clumsysmurf · 2021-11-14 · Original thread
Note, there seems to be a 3rd Edition in 2020

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