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orblivion · 2019-03-15 · Original thread
It's for sale on I think it falls within the margins.
vezzy-fnord · 2013-12-19 · Original thread
It's worth noting that the author recanting his book isn't as of recent. In fact, he dropped his views all the way back in 1976.

This editorial review on the Amazon page for the book might offer some more insight:

Oh, and might I add, The Anarchist Cookbook isn't flawed so much in that it presents violence as a means to an end, but rather that actually following the recipes will likely get you killed or maimed. Hopefully people reading the book already knew this.

philwelch · 2010-11-11 · Original thread
"Likewise, I would expect Amazon to keep a philosophical book about terrorism (seen through the eyes of terrorists) amongst its listings. But I don't think they should sell a book on how to create homemade bombs and then board planes with said devices."

Not sure if it covers boarding planes, but:

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