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Comprehensive book on the Apollo Guidance Computer for those interested -
6502nerdface · 2015-11-07 · Original thread
If you like this, you may also like this book that goes into crazy detail about the design and architecture of the AGC:

See also Fran's pages; she does some reverse engineering with X ray micrographs:

andyjohnson0 · 2015-07-07 · Original thread
Some important developments in computing in the sixties and early seventies were driven by the NASA space programs. Some sources:

Computers in Spaceflight - The NASA Experience:

Digital Apollo, by David A. Mindell -

The Apollo Guidance Computer: Architecture and Operation by Frank O'Brien - (highly detailed)

I'd also recommend Turing's Cathedral by George Dyson and The Soul of a New Machine by Tracy Kidder.

Many early IT systems used special-purpose hardware, and boundary between the software and hardware development wasn't as clear as it is now. For this reason, I think, many surveys tend to emphasise the hardware aspect.

kqr2 · 2014-10-29 · Original thread
For those interested, there is also a fascinating book The Apollo Guidance Computer : Architecture and Operation

sytelus · 2014-04-28 · Original thread
While looking at this another book came up in Amazon's recommendation: The Apollo Guidance Computer Architecture. Luckily almost whole books is available for reading in Amazon't Look Inside feature:
hvs · 2013-07-19 · Original thread
For those interested in this subject, I highly recommend "The Apollo Guidance Computer: Architecture and Operation":

John Pultorak built a Block I AGC (think "version 1") and provides all of his work in the Public Domain here:

petercooper · 2010-10-05 · Original thread
I think most of us would love to see your take on that. However, in case anyone's interested, a book like that does already exist:

I haven't bought it yet but it's in my wishlist pending an Xmas purchase ;-)

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