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raarts · 2017-12-08 · Original thread
GP describes the keto diet, which worked for me too. About the cholesterol, better read up on it. The hype about cholesterol has gone out of control. There are multiple types of it, and earlier research wasn't as conclusive as everybody thought. (Just like saturated fats by the way.)



epalmer · 2015-08-16 · Original thread
I've tried both and can't stick to low fat. My genotype is carb sensitive. Eating carbs of low nutrient value (bread, grains, pasta ...) makes me hungry. A well formulated low carb diet that has me keto-adapted reduces my appetite dramatically and has me losing 2+ lbs a week. Of course I have to exercise but I have been doing that for years. And I do count calories. It is not hard to stay under my requirement for calories.

It is important to understand what a well formulated low carb diet means. I track protein, carbs and net carbs after fiber. I have targets for each. Fat is mostly from good oils like olive oil.

The study seems flawed. Low carb diets assert that you need to be keto adapted. That can take weeks. It took about 3 weeks for me. And there may be other benefits of keto adapted diets:

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