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e19293001 · 2016-03-30 · Original thread
> The thing about bad technical decisions is that you can always undo them. Yes, it can be very frustrating, and obviously there’s all the wasted time and effort, but at the same time even that is not usually really wasted in the end

This words inspired me more as this has similar context as what Donald Knuth had said in his book The Art of Computer Programming[0]:

> At this point, it is often a good idea to scrap everything and start over again at step 1, or even at step 0! This is not intended to be facetious remark; the time spent in getting this far has not been wasted, for we have learned a great deal about the problem. With hindsight, we will probably have discovered several improvements that could be made to the program's overall organization.

[0] - (Chapter 1.4.1 page 64)

eecks · 2015-10-11 · Original thread
I would love to go with The Art of Computer Programming.. but I am already confused reading that page. Is this:

part 1 or is this:

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