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LeonM · 2017-02-06 · Original thread
Reminds me of the first chapter of Kevin Mitnick's 'The Art of Intrusion' [0]. The first chapter tells the story of (I believe) American programmers who reverse engineer the PRNG on a poker machine, so they could predict when the machine would deal the next royal flush.


mrb · 2013-05-01 · Original thread
Fascinating. This reminds of the true story of a group of friends who won nearly a million dollars by reverse-engineering video poker machines and finding flaws in the pseudo-random number generators used to select random cards. These people have given anonymous interviews and an entire description of their adventure to Kevin Mitnick for his book The Art of Intrusion. They also claim to have never been caught, thanks in part to the fact they stopped exploiting it after they won "enough" money!

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