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adrice727 · 2017-08-25 · Original thread
One of the books that has had the biggest influence in my life is "The Art of Learning" by Josh Waitzkin, the child chess prodigy of "Searching for Bobby Fischer" fame.

tmaly · 2016-07-14 · Original thread
I just started reading the Art of Learning

I finished Linchpin a few weeks back and that was an amazing book

Will It Fly is a great book I learning a lot of great marketing tricks from

juanuys · 2015-04-01 · Original thread
My 2 cents, and somewhat related: everyone should read Josh Waitzkin's The Art Of Learning [1].


jpwagner · 2012-09-24 · Original thread
Josh Waitzkin (of chess movie fame) wrote this one:

ridruejo · 2010-11-05 · Original thread
The comparison to chess is spot on. I used to play competitive chess when I was younger and I currently compete in bjj. One interesting book on the relationship between martial arts and chess is the Art of Learning

The author was a top ranked chess prodigy (remember the movie Looking for Bobby Fisher?) and now is a Marcelo Garcia student (one of the top bjj masters)

acangiano · 2010-07-08 · Original thread
If you are getting into competitive martial arts, I highly recommend that you read The Art of Learning (

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