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demetris · 2012-05-04 · Original thread
I don’t know about must-read ones, but here are a few No Starch and O’Reilly titles that stand out from a quick look at my library:

No Starch, Eloquent JavaScript. A Modern Introduction to Programming:

No Starch, The Book of CSS3:

O’Reilly, bash Cookbook:

O’Reilly, CSS: The Missing Manual, 2nd Edition:

O’Reilly, JavaScript: The Good Parts:

O’Reilly, Mastering Regular Expressions, 3rd Edition:

O’Reilly, The Art of SEO, 2nd Edition:

franze · 2012-03-16 · Original thread
cool story

sadly i can never order another book from them, ever after i made the mistake of ordering and actual reading "Couch DB" and "The Art of SEO" front to cover (as i do with 80% of all books i purchase)

It seems like o'reilly is no longer in the book publishing business, but in the business of collecting blogsposts, printing them on paper selling them via their outstanding brand - without any quality assurance of any kind (other than choosing still outstanding cover pics.

additionally i made the mistake of ordering "Data Source Handbook" via Amazon, paid my $29.99 and only realized in the moment i opened the box, that it actually has 42 pages and no real content. thanks to jeff b. i could return it to amazon.

its very sad what happened to o'reilly - there was a time you could pick-up/buy any oreilly book, read it from front to cover and then know more about the topic than 99.999% of all other humans on this planet - and you had a very good base of actually becoming a real expert on that topic, these days seem now very long ago.

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