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sgustard · 2019-10-14 · Original thread
So I just did that search and the first hit is this; can you explain what I should be looking for?

pmoriarty · 2019-06-03 · Original thread
As useful as sites like these are, there is still no substitute for the encyclopedic Ashley Book of Knots[1][2], which contains every knot under the sun and then some (up to the time it was written -- and, to be fair, quite a few knots have been invented since then, but it's still an impressive tome).

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crymer11 · 2014-11-03 · Original thread
For anyone interested in knots and knot tying, the Ashley Book of Knots[1] is a wonderful book to have. I've spent many happy hours pouring over the knots and their descriptions in this book.

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