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seibelj · 2021-04-02 · Original thread
For a relatively quick read with an alternative perspective, check out The Bitcoin Standard

There is a logical explanation as to why bitcoin could be very valuable in our current world. It is because it cannot be inflated beyond the 21 million cap. If you have an open mind, give it a read!

xiphias2 · 2021-02-13 · Original thread
I have seen this kind of thinking from Andreas Antopolous as well, but actually the investment analysis is critical to understand before deciding to buy or not to buy Bitcoin. I suggest everybody who is interested in Bitcoin to read the Bitcoin Standard book.

xiphias2 · 2020-12-01 · Original thread
Ethereum is very different from Bitcoin, so this comment is offtopic, and it's tackling a different problem space, but if you are really interested, I'm reading the Bitcoin Standard book, and I can recommend it if you really want to understand what problem Bitcoin solves. There's no simple answer, only learning about the history of money and monetary theory from a non-Keynsian view.

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